Do you prefer historical tours over all-inclusive resorts?
Do you cringe at tours that offer little more than museum and monument visits…
Or tours with excessive down time and shopping opportunities?
Are you interested in learning both sides of the story?
Are you willing to experience other cultures?

If so, encounter and understand the Battlefields of WW1 and WW2 with us!

Tours in the field hosted by knowledgeable guides

Knee Deep Into History offers tours for serious enthusiasts of military history.
Randall Gaulke

As founder, I have been traveling the battlefields of Europe almost annually since 1986. A financial analyst by training, I quit my day job in early 2017 to pursue my passion for military history. In 2017 and 2018—the Centennial of U.S. involvement in WW1—I spent eight months living and working in France as a freelance guide to the American battlefields. This life-changing experience led me to found Knee Deep Into History Battlefield Tours LLC to continue to share my passion of military history by showing others the battlefields of WW1 and WW2.

I have spent more than two years of my life in Europe. I speak German fluently and am proficient in French. I also have an extensive network of friends and acquaintances in Europe, extensive local knowledge, and the ability to bridge both cultures easily. This ensures that you will have a wonderful tour experience, and that you will “see” the battlefields more clearly as a result of your trip.



Knee Deep Into History is proud to join Slow Travel Tours, an affiliation of small-group trip operators offering specialized tours to Europe. All members have a similar travel philosophy of spending more time in fewer places to develop an understanding and appreciation of the countries we visit. KDIH tours focus on one or two specific battles or geographic regions, putting the actions in the context of a world war. If one of our tours is not right for you, please look at those offered by other group members.