The highlights of our 2023 tour season included the 102nd Infantry Regiment and Yankee Division Tour in April 2023 and the Decker Family Tour in June 2023 as well as other private tours led by Markus or Randy. The former had twelve participants, including four members of the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard of the State of Connecticut. The latter also had twelve participants, including six brothers, two spouses, and four grandchildren! Given the size and client mix, we are extremely proud of the feedback we have received! However, because of the large number of reviews written in our little green book, we’re only going to publish a sampling of them on this page.

We are also pleased because the Yankee Division tour was set up as a fundraiser and it raised $3,100 for the Connecticut Heritage Foundation’s 2023 Digging Into History Program.


The 102nd Inf. Regt. / YD Tour Feedback


2023 Yankee Division Battlefield Tour Participants at the Chemin des Dames.
2023 Yankee Division Battlefield Tour Participants at the Chemin des Dames



Walking and photographing the WW1 battlefields in the St. Mihiel Salient
Walking and photographing the WW1 trenches in the St. Mihiel Salient


Karen Zimmitti reading a letter written by her uncle to his mother just a few days before his death


When in Rome (or France) a Champagne tasting makes a wonderful cultural event



The Decker Family Tour Feedback


Walking from the Bois de Cunel to the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery. PFC Garrett Leeker died in this field. Photo by John Decker.


Remembering PFC Garrett Leeker, 38th Inf. Regt., 3rd Div.



Learning about the Westwall at the Westwall Museum Katzenkopf in Irrel, Germany. Photo by John Decker.


Crossing the Rhine River by ferry where the 87th Inf. Div. crossed it in early 1945.



50th Birthday Private Tour of Flanders Fields, the Somme and the Meuse-Argonne


The birthday tour included an above and below ground tour of Vauquois Hill.