With three German and two American participants this was a wonderful cultural experience for all involved.

Lieber Markus, herzlichen Dank an Dich und Randy fuer die vergangenen 5 Tage Fuehrung auf den Spuren der deutschen Ardennenoffensive 1944.

Wie schnelllebig unsere Zeit sein kann, haben wir auf den Grabkreuzen der Gefallenen gesehen. Junge Maenner, die ihr Leben nicht einmal zwanzig oder wenig darueber, verloren haben. Umsonst…

Wir werden diese Tage und die Erinnerung beihalten.

Rolf, Heiner und Raimund

Markus and Randy, thank you for a great tour! I enjoyed seeing all of the sites and the knowledge and passion that you have for history. This tour was important to me as I was able to understand the larger picture of a battle that my great-uncle fought in. While he chose not to speak to his experiences much, I think that seeing this are and understanding the difficulties I can maybe know why he didn’t want to share his experiences.

Thank you again, the experience and the people made this trip a memory I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I’m sure your passion will lead you to continued success in your endeavors. I still wish you all the best!

Your friend,


Markus & Randy, thank you for a great time. Best of luck with your business in the future.

Michael D. Mancuso