Note: Given the uncertainties of Covid-19 KDIH had only one private tour in 2021.

This was my second trip to the Meuse-Argonne.  I was looking for a guide to take us into the woods to see exactly where my grandfather was with the 30th. Fortunately, Randy had a free day.   I sent him a short history of my grandfather’s movements during the battle.    The other three members of my party were newbies.  Randy picked us up in a new comfortable van with a cooler full of drinks at our chateau on the Meuse and took us to a boulangerie to pick up sandwiches.  First stop was Mountfacon where we were unable to climb the tower due to construction but Randy showed us bunkers, hidden observation posts and the site of the Crown Prince’s quarters none of which I was aware of from my prior visit.   From there we drove to the Bois de Beuge where we could observe the ground covered from Mountfacon and the ground to the Bois de Cunel and the Mamel trench.  In the Bois de Cunel he showed us a German bunker and the Madeleine Farm.  Randy was able to pinpoint the location where my grandfather rested with the 30th at the at the Mountfacon-Malancourt, Cuisy-Malancourt crossroads.  We were also able to visit the Romagne Museum and the Romagne Cemetery.  Randy was able to give us the German defensive perspective of the battle.  At the end of the day he presented me with all the photos, maps and articles that he put together for the tour.  I highly recommend Randy, not only for his knowledge of the subject matter, but also for his flexibility and ability to navigate the latest travel restrictions due to the pandemic.
Mark Swanson

Leading Mark Swanson and Family Members