What’s new for 2022?

Geographically speaking, we are adding tours to Normandy and Verdun in 2022.

Structurally speaking, we will run both a 5-day (+2) tour and a 3-day (+2) tour of our major tours:  Normandy, Ardennes and Meuse-Argonne and St. Mihiel. 

We will also run one 4-day (+2) tour of Flanders Fields and the Somme as well as two 2-day (+2) tours of Verdun, timed around the Meuse-Argonne and St. Mihiel tour.

These will be organized into two tour seasons: “May – June” and “September – October.”  See below.

We have kept our tours relatively short (compared to some competitors) because we expect that many of our clients will want to visit other European sites independently.

What do you mean by +2 on your tours?

The +2 reflects one day for picking up and one day for returning clients to the meeting point.  The pick-up day will generally consist of a late-morning airport pick-up, some down time, followed by an introductory briefing and dinner.  On either day we could add in stops to key cemeteries or other sites, depending on participants’ schedules and interests.

How is a 5-day (+2) different from a 3-day (+2) tour?

The 5-day (+2) tour will be more comprehensive and will include five full days in the field as well as the pick-up and return days.  (Six nights in a hotel.)  However, it is designed to be a bit more spouse friendly than the 3-day (+2) tour.  We pledge that at least half of our hotel nights will be in large towns / small cities, making it easier for spouses less interested in military history to “opt-out” for a day or two.  We also pledge that we will structure at least two cultural events into the tour.  Depending on the region, this could include visits to unique churches or other buildings; to vineyards (champagne, calvados, etc.) or to Mirabelle orchards, dairies, specialty food producers, etc.  It could also include dinners with key locals and their spouses.  Finally, we will structure at least one dinner “on your own” in town.

By its very nature the 3-day (+2) tour will be less comprehensive and will include three full days in the field as well as the pick-up and return days.  (Four nights in a hotel.)  We hope this format will attract more European participation.  Europeans can visit the battlefields more frequently, so they tend to travel for shorter periods and over key European holidays.  The focus will be entirely on explaining the military events and no cultural events will be included.

Private-hire Tours

The 2022 schedule has been designed with several private hire days possible. See the schedule below.

2022 Generic Tour Flier

To learn more about Knee Deep Into History please download THIS GENERIC TOUR FLIER.

2022 Terms and Conditions

Here are our TERMS AND CONDITIONS for ALL 2022 tours.

May-June 2022 Schedule–Click on the Tour Title to view a pdf Flier

18 – 22 May–Available for private-hire tours

24 – 30 May—Normandy 5-day (+2)

1 – 5 June—Meuse-Argonne and St. Mihiel 3-day (+2)

5 – 8 June—Verdun 2-day (+2)

10 – 14 June—Ardennes 3-day (+2)

16 – 22 June—Available for private-hire tours

Omaha Beach, photo courtesy of Laurie Gaulke

September-October 2022 Schedule–Click on the Tour Title to View a pdf Flier

3 – 7 September—Available for private-hire tours

8 – 12 September—Normandy 3-day (+2)

15 – 21 September—Ardennes 5-day (+2)

23 – 29 September—Meuse-Argonne and St. Mihiel 5-day (+2)

30 Sept. – 3 October—Verdun 2-day (+2)

5 – 10 October—Flanders Field and the Somme 4-day (+2)

12 – 16 October—Available for private-hire tours

Ardennes: First clash between the 277th VG Division and 99th Infantry Division

Looking Ahead

In 2023-24 we anticipate adding some or all of the following tours:

  • Normandy break-out
  • The Aisne-Marne / Belleau Wood (Likely a 2-day add-on to the Meuse-Argonne)
  • The Huertgen Forest (Likely a 2-day add-on to the Ardennes)
  • Third Reich Wunderwaffen Production in the Heart of Germany

Tours for Your Family or Group—College, Veterans Association, etc.

Setting up a tour is a major logistical exercise.  We are happy to work with you to set up a meaningful tour for your family or group.  Please contact Randy to start the discussion at kneedeepintohistory@gmail.com or 908.451.0252.

2021 Tour Recap

In spite of Covid-19 uncertainties we were able to run two of our three planned 2021 tours:  The 5-day (+2) Ardennes Tour (Battle of the Bulge) and the 5-day (+2) Meuse-Argonne and St. Mihiel Tour.  We will be posting highlights and feedback from these tours in the Testimonials section of this website.

Header photo courtesy of the American Battle Monuments Commission.