2021 Tour Schedule


Happy New Year!  We anticipate that 2021 will once again allow international travel as the year progresses!

With that in mind, we have moved our 2021 tours from July to September; believing that the extra months will allow greater vaccine distribution in the U.S. and Europe, thereby making international travel safer and easier.  We also emphasize the small-group nature of our tours and the rural aspect of battlefield tours makes our tours inherently safer than visiting Europe’s mega cities.  

With an eye on quality over quantity during our first official season, we are proud to offer the following tours in 2021:





  • One-on-one Tours
    • Randy and Markus are open for one-on-one tours of these battlefields before or after the schedules tours, and at other times throughout the year.
    • Please contact Randy to explore dates and plans.


Selecting a tour operator that meets your travel desires is important:  We encourage you to look at our tour philosophy as well as our testimonials page!  In addition, when comparing our tours to competitors please consider the following:

  • Guides Markus Klauer (German) and Randy Gaulke (American) will be present during each entire tour; providing coverage of both sides of the combat.  Many commercial tours have only one guide or one administrator and different guides daily.
  • Tours will be limited in size, because the small-group format provides the best interaction with guides and other participants.
  • These tours will be offered to Markus Klauer’s European clients, so we hope to have truly international tours.  (The primary language will be English, but some explanations will be given in German and French.)
  • Our tour price will include almost all meals and costs,
  • While 2021 is the first season of Knee Deep Into History, both Randy and Markus have been guiding tours for several decades.
  • If you have any questions or reservations, give us a call or email.  Randy can be reached at lavarennes@meuse-argonne.com or at 908.451.0252.


Looking Ahead

As we grow the business, we anticipate adding a few tours each year, starting in 2022. Likely additions will include:

  • Normandy—From the UK to France
  • The Aisne-Marne Battlefields of WW1, including Belleau Wood
  • Third Reich Wunderwaffen Production in the Heart of Germany with a visit to Berlin

If you have a tour idea or desire, please bring it to our attention. We love the research challenge that new tours offer.


Tours for Your Family or Group—College, Veterans Association, etc.

Setting up a tour is a major logistical exercise. We are happy to work with you to set up a meaningful tour for your family or group. Please contact Randy to start the discussion.

Header photo courtesy of the American Battle Monuments Commission.