The American GI 80th Anniversary Tour: Normandy to the Ardennes, 22 – 30 July 2024


Travel back in time as we get knee deep into history with the American GI of WW2 in Western Europe in 1944. The Allied Armies landed on Normandy on 6 June 1944 and by the fall of 1944 Allied divisions were starting to push into Germany; only to find the advance extremely costly. This fast-moving overview tour will focus on the key offensive actions of 1944, starting with the June 1944 Normandy Landings. From Normandy we’ll move briefly to Reims, France, before heading to the Netherlands for an overview of Operation Market Garden. After that we’ll travel a bit south to the bloody Huertgen Forest, scene of unbelievable bloodshed for a few American divisions attacking against entrenched German soldiers in terrain that favored the defender. Finally, we’ll spend time in the Ardennes, the last big battle of 1944 where Hitler tried in vain to change the momentum of the war on the Western Front.

In addition to vising key battlefield sites, we’ll also be spending time at the various American and international cemeteries dedicated to the fallen of WW2. This will give participants a chance to remember the fallen and to reflect on the human cost of WW2.


La Fiere Farm, along the Merderet River, was the site of key Airborne battles in Normandy.


Brief Schedule (See Brochure for Full Details)

Monday, 22 July. Pick up at BRU and drive to Normandy. Evening briefing and first dinner. Hotel TBD.

Tuesday, 23 July. Normandy landings with an emphasis on Utah and Omaha Beaches and the U.S. Airborne Landing Zones. Visit to Normandy American Cemetery. Hotel TBD.

Wednesday, 24 July. Normandy, day two, including a look at British and Canadian sites and a brief focus on the break-out, concentrating on the actions of German Tank Commander, Michael Wittmann, in and around Villers-Bocage. Mid-afternoon drive to Reims, France. Hotel TBD in or near Reims.

Thursday, 25 July. Early morning down time to allow for shopping and visiting Reims’ famous Cathedral, followed by a tour of the Musee de la Reddition, one of the German surrender sites at the end of WW2 and a visit to Mourmelon-le-Grand, where the 501st PIR, 101st Airborne Division was stationed at the outbreak of the Ardennes Offensive. Afternoon drive to the Netherland. Hotel in the Netherlands TBD.

Friday, 26 July. Operation Market Garden sites in the Netherlands. Hotel TBD.

Saturday, 27 July. Morning drive to the Huertgen Forest. Exploration of the forest. Hotel TBD.

Sunday, 28 July. Morning drive to the Ardennes. Ardennes Offensive day one. Hotel TBD.

Monday, 29 July. Ardennes Offensive day two. Afternoon down time in Bastogne. Hotel TBD.

Tuesday, 30 July. Ardennes Offensive wrap-up. Afternoon drive to BRU Airport.


2021 Ardennes Tour participants posing along the dragon’s teeth anti-tank installations of the Westwall.


What Makes This Tour Unique?

This is not a traditional–i.e. in-depth–Knee Deep Into History Tour. However, it will give participants a chance to see the major battlefields of 1944 in a very short timeframe. We hope this “overview” tour will only wet participants’ appetite to come back and study these battlefields in more detail later!


Tour guides Randy Gaulke and Markus Klauer posing outside WN62 on Omaha Beach, Normandy


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