Packing for a Battlefield Tour:  KDIH’s Battlefield Tour Clothing Guidelines

Knowing what battlefield tour clothing to pack can seem like a daunting task to the first-timer. On the one hand, you want to pack lightly, in order to maximize mobility. On the other hand, you have to pack for a variety of Northern European weather conditions, and you have to pack nice clothes for times when you are not in the field.

Markus and I have put together the jpeg below based on our combined 60+ years of touring and working in the battlefields. This is the battlefield tour clothing and other clothing that we suggest you bring on your next trip. Part one outlines our major tenets. Part two provides practical tips on battlefield tour clothing to wear in the field. Part three provides useful tips on casual clothing for the evening or other times when not in the field. Finally, part four offers a few other packing tips. Whether a beginner or a veteran, we welcome your feedback on our battlefield tour clothing guidelines.

The Battlefield Clothing Guidelines provides information on what to pack for a successful battlefield tour.
Knee Deep Into History’s Battlefield Clothing Guidelines will help you prepare for your battlefield trip.


Now that you know what battlefield tour clothing to pack, you can join us on one of our battlefield tours.

Bon voyage!

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