Using the 102nd Inf. Regt. / Yankee Division Tour as a Model for YOUR Organization

Are you active in a veterans’ association, military museum, college alumni group, etc.? Have you dreamed of helping that organization plan and execute a trip to the WW1 or WW2 battlefields? Why not let Knee Deep Into History work with you to organize an unforgettable experience for your members. It could even become a fundraiser.

On 24 January enrollment for Knee Deep Into History’s April 2023 102nd Inf. Regt./Yankee Division tour closed with twelve confirmed participants. There are several features that make this tour unique and a model for your organization. 

First, the tour was designed to be a fund-raiser for the sponsoring organization: A portion of each participant’s fee will be donated to the Connecticut Heritage Foundation to fund its ground-breaking “Digging Into History” program. KDIH founder, Randy Gaulke, first became aware of the foundation and its program in 2019, when fifteen high school students, under the leadership of Christine Pittsley, went to France to help preserve WW1 trenches. In 2023 ten French students will come to Connecticut to participate in Revolutionary War site excavations.

Second, the Yankee Division is a storied division: The interplay between this National Guard Division’s CO and other leaders in the American Expeditionary Forces is an interesting part of the story; affecting when and where the unit was used, for example. This will be a major focus on the tour as well.

Third, this National Guard division, like so many other American Divisions (both National Guard and Regular Army), has incredibly fierce loyalty among those that served and their families.  Participants have family- or unit-connections to the division that remain strong to this day.

Fourth, we have worked in cultural elements unique to the Lorraine and Champagne Regions of France, while largely keeping the focus on military history. These include a Champagne Tasting and visits to key sites around Verdun. Of course, the mix of military and cultural events can be modified to meet the needs of the association.

With some lead time and creative work with the supporting organization, we are confident that we can design a tour that meets your organization’s needs.  Whether you represent a museum, alumni group, military unit, etc., contact Knee Deep Into History and let’s start the discussion.



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