102nd Inf. Regt. / YD Tour:  What Happened on 26 September 1918?

2023 102nd Inf. Regt. / Yankee Division Tour Update: In the chapel of the St. Mihiel American Cemetery there are 25 soldiers of the YD recorded as missing on 26 September 1918–most served in the 102nd Inf. Regt.

On that day, elements of the division participated in raids on the towns of Marcheville and Riaville in order to keep German troops in the St. Mihiel Salient from shifting to reinforce the Meuse-Argonne.

In essence, one battalion from each of the 102nd and 103rd Infantry Regiments and other support troops participated in the raids. The number of missing–especially from the 102nd Inf. Regt.–is high given the task at hand.

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