Knee Deep Into History Battlefield Tours Publishes its 2021 Tour Schedule

Knee Deep Into History Battlefield Tours is proud to offer three tours this year:  a 7-day tour of the Ardennes Offensive (12 – 18 Sept.), a 5-day tour of Flanders Fields and the Somme (19 – 23 Sept.) and a 7-day tour of the Meuse-Argonne and St. Mihiel Salient (25 Sept. – 1 Oct.)  In addition, KDIH guides, Randy Gaulke and Markus Klauer, will be available for one-on-one or family tours before and after these dates.

The 2021 schedule has been shifted from July to September in the hopes that the extra months will allow greater vaccine distribution in the U.S. and Europe, thereby making international travel safer and easier.  Potential clients should also understand that the rural aspect of battlefield tours and the small-group nature of KDIH tours makes the tours inherently safer than visiting Europe’s mega cities.

Selecting a tour operator that meets your travel needs is important; and we encourage you to examine the “About Us,” “Philosophy” and “Testimonal” pages of

In addition, when comparing our tours to competitors, please consider the following:  1) As stated in our name, these tours are designed to get you knee deep into history.  Some commercial tours are little more than monuments and museum tours.  2) Guides Markus Klauer (Germany) and Randy Gaulke (USA) will be present during each entire tour.  On many commercial tours there is only one guide or one administrator and different guides daily.  3)  The presence of multinational guides helps us to present both sides of the story objectively.  4) We believe the small-group tour format provides the best interaction with guides and with other participants.  5) The tours will be offered to Markus’ European clients too, so we hope to have truly international tours.  7) Our tour price includes almost all meals and costs.  7) While 2021 is the first season of Knee Deep Into History, both Randy and Markus have been guiding tours for several decades.

Please look at the “Tours” page and contact Randy Gaulke with any questions you might have.  He can be reached at or at 908.451.0252.  We look forward to taking you knee deep into history in 2021.

Photo of Montfaucon church courtesy of Georg Snatzke.

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