Bridging Cultures on the 2023 102nd Inf. Regt. / YD Tour

Thinking about joining KDIH’s 102nd Inf. Regt. / Yankee Division Tour next April? Here’s an explanation of what you can expect regarding our philosophy of bridging cultures. It helps to partner with European tour guide, Markus Klauer, and it helps to have spent more than two years living in Europe, speaking French and German.

First and foremost, we select family-owned hotel/restaurants where possible. Sorry, but you won’t generally find us taking clients to a McDonalds or staying in a U.S. chain hotel, unless dictated by group size or a lack of hotel alternatives. Multi-course traditional European dinners will typically start around 7:30pm and last for about two hours; providing time for good conversation and questions.

Second, the Aisne-Marne Region produces much of France’s champagne, so we have scheduled a champagne tasting at one of the numerous independent champagne houses.

The always evocative Ossuaire de Douaumont outside of Verdun, France

Third, Lorraine is a region of France rich in culture and much of the division’s service occurred in the region. Therefore, we have organized several activities around Verdun, a small city with about 30,000 inhabitants in the heart of Lorraine. This will include a tour of Dragées Braquier, world-famous maker of Jordan Almonds, downtime for shopping (including militaria), and a visit to the Ossuaire at Verdun, one of France’s most sacred WW1 memorials. Finally, in Hattonchâtel, we will have the opportunity to visit a 16th century altar carved by legendary Lorraine sculptor, Ligier Richier.

While focusing on the military history, we hope that these cultural activities will give participants a glimpse into French and Lorraine culture as well. We look forward to your participation and encourage you to sign up today!…/

16th Century Sculpure by Lorraine sculptor, Ligier Richier in Hattonchatel

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