Bucknell University in WW1 and Other Research Projects

The opportunity to share my knowledge of WW1 by contributing to others’ research has been a blessing to me.  Most recently, under the title of “Official Historical Consultant” I spent several hours proofreading Bucknell in World War I:  History and Sources.  This yet-to-be-published volume will highlight the contributions of a handful of the 700+ Bucknellians, men and women, who answered the call and who served in WW1.  The project is being spearheaded by Professor David del Testa, and the volume includes chapter contributions from both undergraduate students and professors.  It was especially rewarding to help the students who, although enthusiastic, have not spent thirty plus years researching and visiting the A.E.F. battlefields of WW1.  (In 2018 Professor del Testa led a team of students to visit the battlefields in France.)  I can’t wait to see the final publication.  Until that is published, readers should look at the Facebook page highlighted in the above photo.

Continuing with this theme, the photo above shows a partial list of the other projects that I have assisted with over the last two decades.  From top to bottom:

Multi-Episode Documentary–A Golden Cross to Bear:  A Story of the 33rd Division in World War I.  (Farabaugh, 2018.)  I served as a historical consultant and guided Roger Amm on a tour of 33rd Division battlefields to see where his grandfather fought.

Forward March:  Memoirs of a German Officer.  (Hanse, 2000.)  I helped translator and editor Ilse R. Hanse publish her father’s memoirs by putting her in touch with Dr. Martin Gordon of White Mane Publishing.

Forty-Seven Days:  How Pershing’s Warriors Came of Age to Defeat the German Army in World War I.  (Yockelson, 2016.)  I was one of several proofreaders.

Back Over There.  (Rubin, 2017.)  I provided information on sites to visit and contacts in France.

A Companion to the Meuse-Argonne Campaign.  (Lengel, 2014.)  I wrote two of thirty-three chapters; focusing on the experiences of two German infantry regiments in the battle.

The Stand:  The Final Flight of Lt. Frank Luke, Jr.  (Skinner, 2008)  I provided translation of German documents and maps to assist the author.  I also joined the author on his 1993 trip to France that started this project.

In one way or another, all of these projects have helped build an interest in WW1; a time period that is largely forgotten in the United States.  In that way, working on them has been very rewarding to me. The Bucknell project, in particular, has helped me keep my sanity during the Covid-19 crisis travel bans. Let’s hope we can get knee deep into history together on the battlefields next year.

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