KDIH ‘Student’ to Present Grandfather’s WW1 Story Online–7:00pm, 20 August


Valerie Young has been a perfect ‘student’ of Knee Deep Into History Battlefield Tours: After her parents died she found the medals and photographs of her maternal grandfather (of New Oxford, PA) who served in Company G, 315th Inf. Regt., 79th Division in France. Eager to learn more, she met Randy Gaulke for lunch in 2016. She then hired Markus Klauer to guide her on a multi-day tour of the Meuse-Argonne in 2016; she followed that up by hiring Randy Gaulke in 2017, and she joined the two of them for their 2018 Small Group Battlefield Walk. BUT VALERIE DID NOT STOP THERE! She has written three feature articles on Randy’s Meuse-Argonne.com Website, published an article in Volume 25 of the Adams County History Journal, and she continues to work with the Adams County Historical Society in Gettysburg, PA on a veterans’ data base. Valerie also attends local and regional WW1 events, when possible.

Online Presentation at 7:00pm EST on Thursday, 20 August

We have just learned that Valerie will be speaking about her grandfather’s WW1 experience at 7:00pm on Thursday, 20 August. The presentation will be broadcast via Facebook Live on the FB page for the Adams County Historical Society at Gettysburg. We strongly encourage readers to like the ACHS Facebook page and to listen in to Valerie’s presentation.

If you cannot listen to the live event, it should be re-posted the next day to the ACHS YouTube page at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3U3H8QvFoU7B5TG0xaeDNg.

It has been a pleasure watching someone getting knee deep into history after stumbling across family letters!

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  1. Randy, ask this lady if she has my book. If not I will send her one. Let her know that I am a descendant of James Gettys and my family home still stands between Gettysburg and Fairfield. I was a Vice President of Gburg College and knew Charles Gladfelter well. He help me trace my local connection. I will try to listen to her talk. I have spoken twice about Montfaucon in Gburg.

    Bill Walker

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