Why Visit the Battlefields with Knee Deep Into History?

When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s a fine line between informing potential clients about one’s abilities and boasting. It is also hard to “demonstrate” in writing to potential clients the depth of one’s local knowledge and contact base gained over decades of battlefield visits; and to explain how those factors can enhance a tour experience.

KDIH ran three tours during the Fall 2022 season and received great feedback that can be viewed here. Part of the reason is the ability to tweak the small-group experience for special interests. For example, we had two participants who were very interested in artillery on two of our tours, and we were able to show them some really hidden gems on the battlefield. (See the feature photo.)

Another part is the ability to provide unique opportunities for clients. During our 2022 tours we invited several officials, historians, researchers and authors to join us for dinner, allowing our clients to hear about their roles and activities. Finally, our contact base and knowledge of local organizations have allowed us to organize and/or participate in special events and ceremonies over the years.

Evening dinner with well-published Verdun Historian, Christina Holstein, as a guest.
Well-published Verdun historian, Christina Holstein, was one of several guests able to join us for a lively dinner discussion.

We can’t promise that every tour will be chock full of special and unique experiences; but we can promise that we will act opportunistically when the occasion allows. Taking advantage of our expertise and contact base is another way to get knee deep into history. Join us for a tour! Our 2023 schedule is posted on the website and the clock is ticking! Take the next step and select your tour today.

Knee Deep Into History guides and clients listening to Johan Vanderwalle tell the story of Private J. Hunter's grave excavation and the building of the Brothers in Arms Memorial.
It was Markus Klauer’s friendship with Johan Vanderwalle that allowed us to hear the story of the Brothers in Arms Memorial Project just weeks after it was completed.

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